Our   Master   Chef   Bob   has   been   in   the kitchen   cooking   up   great   food   since   he was    10    years    old,    originally    studying under    his    father.        The    Chef’s    formal education   is   from   the   Emerson   Culinary School   which   is   part   of   the   Statler   Hilton organization.          Prior     to     opening     La Trattoria    Tuscano,    Bob    was    Regional Director      for      Specialty      Restaurants Corporation. Master   Chef   Bob   has   developed   all   of the   original   recipes   and   entrees   on   our menu   and   is   proud   of   the   great   Italian cuisine, all made to order. We hope you agree!  Thanks for visiting La Trattoria Tuscano….come in and enjoy!
Nestled   in   the   heart   of   The   Woodlands   is   what   some   might   believe   to be   one   of   the   best   kept   culinary   secrets   in   all   of   Houston.   From   the moment   you   enter   La   Trattoria   Tuscano   you   are   enveloped   by   a   warm and   inviting   elegant   family   feel.      La   Trattoria   is   an   Italian   restaurant   with much   more   than   your   standard   Italian   fare,   it   is   a   taste   sensation!   Both bistro   and   restaurant,   La   Trattoria   offers   their   patrons   exquisite   food, wonderful   ambiance   and   a   friendly   staff.      Family   owned   and   operated La   Trattoria   features   Master   Chef   Bob   Ham.      A   second-generation cook,   Chef   Bob’s   father   began   his   storied   career   at   the   famed   21   Club in   New   York   in   1936.      Growing   up   and   training   with   a   Master   Chef made   this   warm   and   charming   owner   of   La   Trattoria   a   gracious   host and   a   taste   guru.   Chef   Bob   likes   to   prepare   food   that   in   his   own   words “sounds   and   tastes   good   together.”      It   is   this   expression   of   the   taste experience   that   drives   their   menu   and   separates   La   Trattoria   from   the other   restaurant   choices   in   The   Woodlands.         Their   menu   features   all original    recipes    born    from    the    mind    of    Chef    Bob.    “Each    dish    is prepared daily from scratch,” explains the chef. Dining   at   La   Trattoria   is   a   family   affair.   While   Chef   Bob   works   his   magic in   the   kitchen,   his   son   Kris   and   daughter   Kristie   manage   the   operations and   tend   to   your   every   need.      With   warm   and   inviting   seating   for   over 200   combining   the   main   room   and   the   covered   patio,   La   Trattoria   can accommodate    your    date    night,    family    get    together,    large    party    or corporate function.  ~ By Robert David
Hours: Monday - Thursday, 11am - 10pm Happy Hour, 3pm - 7pm Friday 11am - 11pm Saturday, 2pm - 11pm Sunday, 11am - 9pm
La Trattoria Tuscano Italian Kitchen • 4223 Research Forest Drive, Suite 950 • The Woodlands, Texas  77381 • 281.419.2252
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